Friday, January 1, 2016


After Paper And Ponder's unintentionally lengthy slumber, it is finally time to awaken and begin anew! 

Yesterday as we said goodbye to 2015, our family enjoyed a hike with friends along one of our favorite trail loops that gradually climbs up to a lookout point, then meanders down through redwoods and winds along a seasonal creek.  I found myself quietly reflecting on slumbering and awakening, on endings and new beginnings, seasons and cycles in nature and in life.  Our family hikes this same loop throughout the year, and regardless of the season, it is always a beautiful, magical place, even now in the dormancy of winter. Although many trees already shed their leaves in autumn, and we won't see the pretty faces of wildflowers until springtime, there are still countless wonders to behold, signs of nature beginning anew, each little miracle emerging and unfurling as the creek flows again with its cheerful serenade.

Hello 2016!  Hello to awakening and beginning anew!  Warm, bright and happy New Year's wishes to each of you!

Garzas Creek In Winter

Air crisp
Colors muted 
Except for vivid greens
Of moss and fern

Carpets of fallen leaves
Cushion softly underfoot 
Along each stretch
Around each turn

In the absence of wildflowers
Shapely mushrooms emerge 
Displays of fairy art
Sprinkled here and there

Can you see the tree goblin?!

Amidst the woodland shadows 
The tree goblin
Sprouts a perky new head 
Of thick, lush hair

Contrasting the solemn quiet 
Of Winter's repose
The creek flows freely
Singing its joyous song

Heart-shaped miracle

The magic of nature
Each season unfurling in miracles
This is my contemplation, my celebration
As I walk along

- Lisa Handley