Sunday, January 10, 2016

Awareness word for 2016.

Rather than compile a lofty list of New Year's resolutions, I began assigning a single word to be my universal New Year's mantra a couple years ago.  I've since discovered how the simplicity of one word can deliver a strong, steady influence on my thoughts and perspectives throughout the year, how it can weave a thread of continuity and connectivity through a variety of goals and desires.  Flourish was my word in 2014.  Expanding in 2015.  Both of those words came to mind intuitively and easily as intentions.

As this new year drew near, I decided to take a different approach and randomly selected one of my SoulCollage® cards to lead me to a new single word mantra.  The card that surfaced from my deck of nearly 100 was my "Observant" card.  

(Most SoulCollage® cards are created with images from magazines and other sources, as was the case with "Observant," so I'm refraining from posting a photo of this card out of respect for copyright.  I am, however, sharing a photo taken in the midst of making this card.  My daughter and I collaged together after we finished a shorter hike and waited for my husband to return from a lengthier hike before riding the aerial tram back down to the desert floor.  We enjoyed this creative moment outdoors at the Mountain Station in California's Mount San Jacinto State Park, a wonderfully unique card making and mother-daughter experience during our family vacation in Fall 2014!)

The word "awareness" surfaced as I reflected on and journaled with my "Observant" card.  Using the SoulCollage® prompt of "I am the one who," this chosen card expressed "I am the one who is observant, observing with my eyes, my heart. my soul."  The input this card provided me on my word for this year was "to be fully present, to observe, to sense, to be aware."    

I've since been contemplating how awareness will accompany and guide me through 2016. Some initial thoughts...


In nature
In creativity
In contemplation
I am aware

In deep breath
In repose
In peace
I am aware

In moments of pure joy
In bliss
In love
I am aware

In awareness
I am insightful

In awareness
I am inspired and energized

In awareness
I experience the fullness of life

- Lisa Handley