Saturday, January 16, 2016


What would you see if the inner me was a transparency?  This was one of the directives for creating an expressive art piece during this week's Healing Art retreat at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (of which I've been a regular participant for the past four years.)  My immediate vision was of a broken heart mending with love.  With the recent and imminent losses I mentioned in my last post and this week's loss of SoulCollage®'s (I'm a trained facilitator in this process) "birth mother," Seena Frost, my heart has been in an ongoing pattern of breaking and mending.  In the past couple days since the retreat, I've contemplated my "transparency" and written this accompanying poem...


Love weaves its way 
Through the broken pieces of my heart
And as they come back together
I glimpse the light shining from the cracks in between
There's always enough
To heal me 

I am mending, although rearranged

Still vulnerable, yet becoming stronger
Centering, but also
Reaching out
There’s always enough
To share with other hearts

- Lisa Handley

What helps to mend your heart when it's broken?