Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beginnings, Endings, Beginnings And "Betweens"

Beginnings and endings...endings and beginnings...and the spaces in between.  This concept has surfaced in my mind repeatedly across the past several months.  In an online SoulCollage® group to which I belong, a fellow member shared this quote a few days ago, and the idea of writing a post about beginnings, endings, beginnings and "betweens" solidified for me.

"And the end and the beginning were always there
Before the beginning and after the end
And all is always now."
- T.S. Eliot

As you may already know, nature is one of my greatest muses, and although it's still officially winter, and while we're still in one of those between spaces, nature is offering simple wisdom on this complex concept of endings and beginnings.  There are already early hints of spring here, of the new beginnings we can always expect as spring approaches and arrives...

the lushness of rain-nourished flora along trails and new, unfurling growth, 

plump buds on buckeye trees and perky blossoms on our almond tree, 

colorful calendula and feverfew blooms beautifying our otherwise disheveled winter garden and volunteer lettuce seedlings muscling their way through the soil in our now derelict vegetable patch, 

and wild "fairy sculpture" mushrooms emerging from the carpet of a nearby pine forest.

I've been thinking about the cycle of a seed sprouting, a plant growing, thriving, then fading, drying and shedding new seeds to be scattered into the soil, laying dormant until the cycle begins anew.  In simplistic terms, it's easy to compare this cycle to that of one's life - being born, growing, thriving, fading, dying, scattering "seeds" of love, memories, inspirations, influences and the essence of one's soul.  

While I continue to mend my heart (broken open yet again with another passing of a loved one just last week), and as I gain an increasingly stronger awareness of my spirituality, I find comfort in having faith that although each of our lives inevitably ends at some point here in this physical world, a new beginning opens up for us in the spiritual realm.  With respect to different beliefs, I believe in our souls being eternal, and this belief helps me navigate, with a more centered perspective, through the unavoidable emotions faced with the death of a loved one.  This belief gives me hope for his or her soul's journey as well as my own soul's journey.  As I comtemplate T.S. Eliot's quote, "all is always now," I begin to realize that with awareness of this eternal cycle, I can start to better understand how all is always now.

I share this post, admittedly on the weightier side of concepts (and one I'll be continuing to ponder), in the hope that perhaps it will inspire you to consider your own beliefs and perspectives on the soul's journey...